Specialty Services

False Eyelash Application
Price: $40
False Eyelashes are semi-permanent and applied to your natural eyelashes. They are a synthetic product that gives a natural eyelash look. With proper maintenance false eyelashes will last as long as your natural lash, which can be up to six weeks. False Eyelash Application can be applied in different lengths from a natural look to a dramatic look.

Important Maintenance Tips for False Eyelashes

  • In the first 24 hours of application keep lashes dry and avoid touching them to allow proper bonding
  • Avoid oil based products while wearing false eyelashes
  • Avoid excessive rubbing and touching of the false eyelashes
  • We recommend not using mascara (particularly waterproof mascara, due to oils in the product)
  • Constant application of eye make-up including eyeliner and mascara can reduce the longevity of the false eyelashes

Make-Up Application featuring Jennifer Bradley Cosmetics
Price: $30
Look your best with professional Make-up application. Jennifer Bradley Cosmetics is the only skin care line is formulated for sensitive, problematic skin and contains no fragrance, no mineral oils, and no filler ingredients. This is skincare that actually works and works fast to eliminate brown sun/hormone spots, dramatically diminish wrinkles, combat redness, and keep skin blemish free. Jennifer Bradley is committed to creating superior products that have no equal when it comes to quality.

Discount Rates available for groups of 5 or more people. Great for bridal parties, homecoming and prom!